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Challenge Guidelines

Your challenge submission must not contain any of the following or it will be removed:

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  • Anthing that might reflect poorly or might engender hostility toward Starlight
  • Any reference to the Olympic Games, World Cup or any other international branded event
  • Reference to any bank, building society or other monetary institution
  • Weapons

Challenge Andi

Challenge Andi is the campaign name used to fundraise for Andrew Wills' involvement in the 2014 Virgin London Marathon, on behalf of The Starlight Foundation. Starlight is a charity registered in England and Wales. Reg Charity No: 296058. Reg Company No: 2038895.

When referenced as 'the website' we mean that which is located at www.challengeandi.com

This website is controlled by Problem Solved UX Ltd, no money was recieved for the production, hosting or running of the site, it is completely created for charity fundraising purposes.

The Campaign

The campaign aims to raise a target of £2,500. It's aim is to do so by requesting and independent charitable donations to Starlight in order to to gain access and submit 'challenges' to the website.

challenges are text based suggestions for activities the runner Andrew Wills could perform. The campaign does not claim that these challenges will be performed, only that it will accept suggestions for challenges

This challenge submission period will last from the 5th March 2014 at 10am GMT until April 13th at the end of the marathon.

Submissions will be reviewed and those that abide by the challenge guidelines below will be proposed to the runner Andrew Wills. He will then decide which challenges to carry out on the 13th April 2014, during the Virgin Money London Marathon.

Confirmation of these challenges performed will be listed on the website after a reasonable period.

In the event of injury

In the even of and injury or limiting factor to the runner, Andrew Wills occurs, reasonable steps will be taken to find a replacement. This must be in accordance with terms set out by Virgin Money London Marathon and Starlight Foundation. If a suitable replacement cannot be found, Challenge Andi will not go ahead, and donations will not be refunded.


When you donate you are giving money to the Starlight Foundation.

Donation payments are made via Just giving. This payment gateway is outside the control of Challenge Andi, and therefore is subject to it's own terms of service. Responsibility for payments is that of the donator and Just Giving alone, Challenge Andi has no ability to refund or create payments on Just Giving.

Donations are made for the submission of challenges to the website alone, Challenge Andi does not agree to carry out the challenges for any amount of donation paid. As outlined in the campaign guidelines, submitting a challenge means it will be considered for use during the 2014 London marathon on April 13th.

Final choice of challenges to be carried out is that of Andrew Wills alone, and he is not obligated to carry out any challenge that is deemed unsuitable or dangerous. challenges submitted, but not carried out are not subject to any statutory purchase rights as the transaction is for a donation alone, not the purchase of a service.

Your information

In order to make a challenge on this website you are required to provide some limited personal information about yourself. This information will include your name, and an optional Twitter address. It will be stored electronically or manually but the Challenge Andi Website. By providing this information you are consenting to Challenge Andi Website keeping it for a reasonable period of time and using it for the purpose outlined below:

  • To display challenges submitted and their authors
  • Contacting challenge authors via Twitter with timely updates

This personal information provided by you may be used for its own marketing purposes, or occasionally shared with other organisations, such as Starlight.

We will not sell, license or trade your personal information to others. For Gift Aid purposes personal information may be supplied to HM Revenue and Customs for claim purposes.


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